The Rut: Be A Better Caller

So I have been to the woods a few times to take advantage of the archery season but to date with nothing in the freezer I plan to forge ahead and I am looking forward to the possibilities the rest of the season has to offer. Determined to get my first deer with a bow I am keeping my rifle under lock and key with the hope that the next trip will be successful. One burning vision that keeps repeating in my mind is the nice buck that came within 80 yards of me during my last trip but did not stop at the feeder. He was not one of those nose to the ground in full rut sort of situations but it made me think that the rut is coming soon and I have to be prepared. The drought in Texas has been rough and getting deer to feeder has been relatively easy but it wont be long before food is not on the top of the bucks mind. Although I have owned a grunt call since last season I can’t say I have ever called one in. I recently listened to a pod cast by Peter Wood who had Gord Ellis discussing his experience and techniques and I found it helpful and wanted to share it. Listen to the pod cast – Peter Wood Hunt Talk – Calling Deer

A couple of key points that Gord mentions is the different grunts you may hear and should perform in the woods. Here are some good YouTube example of the trail grunt. This should be used when you are trying to convince a buck that other bucks are in the area looking for a doe. The estrus bleep is another good one for bucks looking for a doe that has not found one in his area, here is a nice example of the estrus bleep. And the last is the rattle, but an interesting point here Gord mentions if you always go for the large rattles (ie. Big Bucks) you may scare smaller deer in the area. Although a medium rattle will call both young and old bucks. You make the call. I would suggest going through all of the YouTube videos from Peter Fiduccia. I found it very interesting the different sounds and the different reasons for making those sounds.

Calling in does and buck is a tool that every hunter should use and master, I am hopeful that my calling skills will mature over time. Thanks for taking the time to read my post and hope you get to the woods soon. As always if this makes you laugh, cry, or think “Share It”.

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